BioEnergizer’s Bowral Distributor Robert Kay successfully negotiated with Southern Meats, the highly respected abattoir based in Goulburn for the installation of a VVT aerator. Southern Meats also own the Junee Abattoir, who have been using BioEnergizer for years. Repeat orders are always the best recommendation.

The initial thinking was that a 3.1 would do the job of replacing the 3 dinosaur aerators already sucking up power in the pond, but Southern Meats eventually opted for an upgraded 4.7. The 4.7 doesn’t add much more oxygen than a 3.1, but like the gearbox of ┬átruck against that of a car, it has more grunt, more torque, and is generally more robust for Southern Meats’ particular application.

The system was installed in early August 2013.

Then in October 2013, Southern Meats began the planned BioEnergizer remdiation program. Product was introduced directly into Pond 1 and Pond 3. Pond 2 was seemingly beyond rehabilitation, having just a few inches of free water on top of the sludge blanket that went all the way to the floor.

But in November, it was decided to also start dosing into Pond 2.

Date: May 2014. The program has been running in both ponds for 6 months. Pond 1 is significantly more active, observably increased bacterial activity and altogether a vastly improved operation.

But Pond 2 is where the action is. There is now almost a meter of free water across the entire pond. This represents over 5,500 cubic meters (almost 750 tonnes) of sludge removed without taking the pond off line, with no mechanical intervention, and without the need for dredging, storage, transport of disposal of this prescribed waste.

The success in Pond 2 has been as a direct result of BioEnergizer flowing through the system into that pond.

The cost savings are in the $10,000’s.