The Client

McColls Transport, Tongala, Victoria, Australia

The Water Authority

Goulburn Valley Water

The Facility

The facility is a bulk liquids tanker washout in Tongala, Victoria. The facility operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The contaminated wash water passes through the wash bay, through an interceptor tank, then into a drop tank and then to sewer.

Contaminants include milk, wine, molasses, orange juice, cream and a range of other food products. Inflow is approximately 60Kl/day.

The Issue

The client was seeking to reduce the operating costs of the washout facility. The discharge of contaminants to sewer was resulting in high trade waste fees and the buildup of organic waste in the interceptor required frequent costly pump outs.

The Objective

The objective of the project was to reduce the buildup of organic waste in the interceptor and to reduce the levels of grease & oil being discharged to the sewer system. This would result is significant cost savings.

This would be achieved by the introduction of BioEnergizer into the system.

The Proposed Solution

BioEnergizer would be introduced in two parts:

– An initial dose to the interceptor tank

– Ongoing dosing at the rate of just over 1 litre per day directly into the interceptor, using an automated metered dosing pump.

The Results

Approximately a 69% reduction in BOD.

Cost Savings from the use of BioEnergizer – approximately $24,000 pa (62%)