Good aeration is fundamental to the good operation of aerobic and facultative ponds.

Without sufficient air, bacteria will die, and the pond will obviously fail.

Aerators are rated in their ability to transfer oxygen into the water at a specified rate. This ability, known as SOTR (Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate)is calculated based on Kilograms (kg’s) of Oxygen (O2) transferred per Kilowatt hour (KwHr) of the driving motor or pump.

Most aerators, including made by those who claim to be among the most efficient in the world, have an average transfer of 0.75 – 2.5 Kg/O2/Kw/hr.

Select one of the following for a more detailed explanation of the available systems.

Quantum VVT Aerators

This is a definitive leap in aeration technology.

BioAer Turbinal

Low cost systems for small pond applications, especially dairy farms.

BioAer Fountains

Low Cost aesthetically appealing fountains for golf course ponds and park lakes.