The brilliant BioAmp is a genuine revolution in bacterial delivery systems for waste water.

Fully automated and self-contained, system delivers over 31 TRILLION bacteria every 24 hours!

This BioAmp system delivers vegetative Pseudomonas and Bacillus bacterial cells direct into the waste water stream at significantly lower cost than dry powder or liquid bacterial formulations.

Up to 1,000 times more bacteria than the nearest competitor.

The bacteria are fully activated PRIOR to dosing rather than 4 –20 hours after.

Environmental and operational Benefits

    – Reduces FOG, BOD, COD and TSS and other organic pollutantsBioAmp750_Image2
    – Breaks down organic sludge
       into harmless CO2 and water
    – Reduces odours and meet
       EPA effluent parameters
    – Works in aerobic and
       anaerobic applications
    – Lowers surcharges and trade
       waste charges
    – Indoor or outdoor
    – No free enzymes or surfactants
    – Install in less than an hour

Economic advantages

    – Zero capital investment
    – Rental includes machine and monthly supply of bacteria
    – No minimum rental period required
    – Zero maintenance costs

Simple to Use

    – The bacteria are carried in pellet form and only ‘activated’ when required for daily dosing.
    – Integrates with existing treatment equipment
    – no daily staff involvement

Areas of Application

    – Piggeries, dairy farms, abattoir,
    – food processors,
    – councils, water authorities, mining
All wastewater systems,
    – effluent ponds,
    – DAF’s
    – SBR’s
    – lift stations
    – wetwells, pump stations
    – drains, pipes.