BioEnergizer for Dairy Farms

Its a rough truth to say that many of Australia’s dairy farm effluent ponds are in, shall we say, a less than fully efficient condition.

Many are operating well below their design capacity, and many more are in such poor condition that thick hard dry crusts have formed, thick blankets of sludge sit on the bottom of the pond, all this reducing bacterial activity, forcing the water to ‘track through’ the pond with a very short retention time and giving the water little opportunity to ‘settle’ the bio-solids into the pond.

This is bad for sound farm management.

BioEnergizer is designed specifically to work in this environment. As a powerful bacterial nutrient, BioEnergizer enhances a full range of naturally occurring bacteria, allowing full effect in the remediation of poorly performing or overloaded ponds, and then guaranteeing the effective management of the on-going daily inflow of effluent from the dairy and surrounding pads.

It is a low cost, low effort, non-mechanical and environmentally sensitive method of bringing dairy pond management under control, with the added benefit of improved water quality for recycling or irrigation, and lowering operating costs.

Cut Sludge Handling Costs and Increase Pond Efficiency.

Advantages over traditional lagoon desludging methods, include

   – Minimal labour input
   – Noticeably reduces or eliminates odours
   – Lower BOD & COD levels at outflow to meet EPA requirements
   – No heavy machinery on site
   – No dewatering, draining drying or dredging
   – No sludge stockpiling, removal or disposal issues
   – No need to take the pond off line
   – Increase pond capacity
   – Reduce Foaming