We are delighted to announce that C.A. Sinclair in Benalla, Victoria, having used BioEnergizer to remediate their primary pond, have now installed a BioAer 3.1VVT aerator on their secondary pond.

The aerator has had an almost immediate impact on the pond, reducing odours within a few days, and further accelerating biological activity. BioEnergizer Distributor Ashley Moss reports that the pond (in highly technical terms) is “fizzing along”.

Sinclairs have also installed a solid screen separator to capture solids before the water flows into the primary pond. 

This three pronged attack will ensure Sinclairs compliance with all the requirements of local, state and federal authorities, and make the operation of their waste water management system more effective, more cost efficient, and easier to manage.

BioEnergizer Australia also provided assistance to Sinclairs including meeting with the EPA to outline the benefits that these changes will bring to the waste water system, and the expected compliance with any the indicators on water quality that the EPA were mandating.

This setup will become the standard for abattoir waste water management and we congratulate Sinclairs on their adoption of best management practices.