Over 25 BioAmp units are in use at abattoir and piggeries around Australia, with over 94% being in operation for over 12 months.

There are three prime purposes to the installation of a BioAmp system to assist in the management of manure and processing effluent.

  1. first is the reduction in sludge, both the sludge already in the pond and fresh daily inflow, serious savings in mechanical cleanout, transport and disposal of sludge, not to mention keeping the ponds on line at all times and NOT having heavy destructive equipment on site.
  2. odour control – additional loads of beneficial bacteria will overwhelm odour causing events and reduce H2SO4
  3. improvement in water KPI’s including BOD, COD, TSS, VS and NPK levels.
    1. BioAmp has an effect on the structure of nitrogens and breaks down the compound to lessen the impact of excess nutrients being introduced into the pond.
  4. improved water quality especially for irrigation. 
    1. there is very little difference between waste water bacteria and soil bacteria. Both play a vital role in balancing nutrition levels. additional bacteria in irrigation waters deliver benefits to root structure, soil permeability, soil structure and the resultant improvement in foliage quality, whether for grazing or cropping purposes.