Howden sewage pump station

This Bioamp was installed to control odours in the 2 km rising main from the pump station. The receiving treatment plant is located in the middle of the North West Bay Golf Course and we were having a few complaints of odours emanating from the inlet system of the treatment plant.

    – Since installing this system we have not received an odour complaint (approx. 2 years).

Taroona Treatment Plant

The Bioamp was installed into the inlet section of the Taroona Trickling Filter Treatment Plant to control G&O build up in the small inlet pump well, to augment the operation of the sludge digestor, and to help in the reduction of BOD & TSS of the effluent.

    – It is very effective in reducing the scum build up on the walls of the pump well, controlling odours at the plant, helping with the digestion system and in the reduction of BOD & TSS of the effluent.

Blackmans Bay Sewage pump station

This is the largest pump station that feeds the Blackmans Bay wastewater treatment plant with a 4km rising main. The rising main has two vent pipes on it that cause a problem of odour relies on some occasions. The Bioamp was installed to help in the reduction of grease and scum build up in the wet well of the pump station and the reduction of odour causing sulfites in the pipe work. This has been effective in both cases.

    – The build up in the wet well has reduced and the odours from the rising main vents have been controlled.
    – The operators of all the plants where the Bioamps are used are happy with their performance. The Maintenance time in cleaning sewage wet wells has dramatically reduced (from once weekly to every 3 months and that is mainly to remove grit and rocks via a Vac Truck).
    – Council Management are happy with the Bioamp system as it is an efficient way to reduce maintenance costs and an added benefit that they help in the reduction of BOD & TSS helping to prolong the operation life of the treatment plants.