Pond Powder for Fresh Water Lakes and Ponds

WaterClear Pond Powder is a fully effective, safe and easy to apply product that alters the structure of excess nutrients in fresh water applications including nitrogen, (nitrates and ammonia), phosphates and other undesirable compounds.

Through the breakdown of these excess nutrients, especially nitrates, the weeds become starved of the essential elements for survival and flourishment and die as a result.

The prime function of WaterClear Pond Powder is to prevent or remediate eutrophication, which is the enrichment of a water body with an excess level of nutrients.

Eutrophication induces high growth of plants and algae and due to the e xcessive biomass load, and may also result in oxygen depletion of the water body.

In many cases, the amount of nitrate in the water is a key factor how quickly plants and algae will grow and flourish.  If there is an excess level of nitrates, plants, notably those commonly known as ‘duckweed’, and algae, will grow excessively.

An excess in the growth of these voracious plants and algae will also create an unstable amount of dissolved oxygen.  During the day, there will usually be high levels of dissolved oxygen, and at night the levels of oxygen can fall dramatically.

Nitrates are not utilized by aquatic organisms such as fish and aquatic insects, but nitrates are used by aquatic plants.

Where do Nitrates come from?

All aquatic life excretes wastes and eventually die. These activities create ammonia. The naturally occurring bacteria already present in the pond will convert this ammonia to nitrate. 

The nitrates are then reduced by the aerobic bacteria in the pond, releasing the nitrogen back into the atmosphere.

Excess nitrogen will create stressful conditions for fish. If they are stressed for a significant part of each day, they will not behave normally or reproduce.  If the conditions persist for a long period of time, the stressed fish may die.

Ponds on golf courses and other areas where fertilizers are used also suffer from these weed infestations through run-off of excess fertilizers which create the high nutrient levels that surface and submerged weeds need to flourish.

Excess plants and algae will also create conditions where organic matter accumulates on the surface which will create a condition where sunlight cannot penetrate very far into the water. 

Since all plants and algae require sunlight, those not receiving sunlight will die off. These dead plant materials then settle to the bottom of the water and the bacteria that feed on decaying organic material will greatly increase in numbers. 

AquaWeed Pond Powder stimulates the naturally occurring bacteria in the sludge enhance the nitrification cycle by consuming the nitrogen and phosphorus molecules, re-balancing the water chemistry and depriving the weeds of their prime food source.

The quality of the water will improve.

There is no with-holding period, and humans, animals, birds and fish will not be adversely affected.


The product is safe to handle and easy to apply.

It is delivered in powdered form carried in small soluble bags that are simply thrown into the pond from various location on the banks. The bag disintegrates and releases the product, including a special fizzing agent that creates turbulence in the immediate area, thereby spreading the product through the water body.

Benefits should be observable within a couple of weeks and, assuming there is an adequate degree of water movement through the system for good product distribution, any pond under 5Meg should only require one dose.

AquaWeed Pond Powder is $799 for a drum of 18 bags which will treat up to a 5 meg pond.