AquaWeed Control is a highly effective way to control Salvinia, Duckweed, Lemna and all types of Azolla.

It is a natural product based on orange oil extracts that is safe and easy to apply.

It is not a herbicide and is extremely efficient.

It does not affect other aquatic plants and treated water is safe to use, there is no withholding period.

Water bodies treated with AquaWeed Control are safe for irrigation and stock watering and are safe for fish, pets, birds and other wildlife.

How Free Floating Weed Control Works

AquaWeed Control affects floating aquatic weeds in various ways; for Duckweed and Lemna it partially removes the wax coating on the leaf, thus reducing the leaf’s buoyancy. In the case of all types of Azolla, AquaWeed Control partially shrivels the tiny hairs on the leaf which trap air and keep the plant afloat.

For Salvinia it affects both the wax coating and tiny hairs.

Spray treatments are most effective when the infestations are smaller rather than advanced. A combination of both a spray treatment and physical removal is best when the infestation is advanced and is covering 90 -100% of the water surface.

In all cases AquaWeed Control also affects the surface tension of the water itself, thus reducing buoyancy for all types of free floating aquatic weeds, making them lose buoyancy, sink into the water column and die.

Suitable for:

Golf Course Ponds, Ornamental Lakes, Potable Water Storage, Irrigation Dams, Farm Stock Dams, Waste Water Ponds, Parks and Playgrounds


Depending on the density of the weed mat, it is more beneficial to apply several light applications of AquaWeed Control over a 2-3 week period rather than one single application.

This also allows the depleted oxygen levels to recover from the dead weeds which will have started to decay and deplete oxygen levels.

AquaWeed Control is most effective when infestations are smaller rather than fully advanced.

We recommend you take early preventative action to minimise the opportunity for weed mats to develop.