Shepparton – Victoria – February ’10

Father and son dairy farmers Ron and Russell Gillies are milking over 200 head of cows just out of Wyuna in Central Victoria.

A long standing GV Dairy Supplies client, senior GV rep Murray Phillips asked if he could take a look at their effluent pond, and was presented with what he was quickly learning to be a common issue in the region. A pond that was chronically overloaded and in danger of dying completely.


Before we started the remediation.

The pond is 35 meters long, 30 meters wide, 2 meters deep and was taking just 3,500 litres waste water a day. Because the water flow rate was quite low for that number of cows, the level of bio-solids per litre was unusually high.

There was a 300mm thick solid dry crust covering the entire pond surface. Because no surface water could be seen, no-one could be sure if any bacterial activity was going on underneath.

Murray recommended that they immediately start a program of dosing BioEnergizer into the pond. To speed things up, they all decided that the Gillies would mechanically clear a 2 meter section of surface water along one bank.

With an initial dose of just over 3 litres of BioEnergizer, and a daily dose of just 300ml, the Gillies have been very diligent in the application of the product. As Ron said, “How can it work if you don’t use it properly.”

In late January, just 11 weeks after starting the program, Murray made his follow up call to see how the pond was progressing, and was amazed to find that the entire solid crust had broken up, with just some sloppy islands and a thin layer of floating sludge around a couple of the pond banks.

What surprised Murray most however, was the amount of bacterial activity going on in the pond. As Murray described it, “It was like watching a pot of water simmering on a stove. I could hardly believe the volume of bubbles popping up to the surface, bringing great dollops of liquefied sludge to the surface, which is exactly what should be happening.”


DSC00077 copy

After 3 months of BioEnergizer

The program was designed to take just under 30 weeks to bring the pond back to a high degree of efficiency, but Murray believes that this could be shortened by at least 4/6 weeks, allowing the Gilles to reduce the daily dose to “Maintenance Level”.