Case Study

LeRoy Illinois

in May of 2003, the City of LeRoy, Illinois decided to de-sludge one of its lagoons using BioEnergizer.  Accumulated sludge was taking up valuable lagoon capacity, causing odors and high effluent BODs.  LeRoy’s lagoons serve a population of 3,300 people who contribute about 2,650,000 litres each day to the 26 year old 2-celled lagoon system.

With sludge accumulations in some areas approaching 2.29 meters, too little water existed over the sludge blanket to maintain odour control.  After fourteen months of treatment with BioEnergizer, about 70% of sludge was removed from the pond. Below is a chart showing LeRoy’s sludge blanket profile before and after using BioEnergizer.

The Chief Operator at the City of LeRoy had this to say about BioEnergizer:

”Prior to using BioEnergizer half of my lagoon capacity was filled with sludge. After 2 years of using BioEnergizer my average sludge blanket depth is now down to about 300mm. I highly recommend this product to anyone”…

sincerely, Scott Bryant.