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Quantum Aerators

The design and testing of our astonishing new Quantum aerator is now complete, and we have the SOTR figures.
After almost 3 years, the new Quantum 2.9vvt (running a 2.9kw motor), will deliver over 14.5 kilograms of Oxygen PER HOUR into a pond.
This is around 10 times more efficient than almost any other aeration system available.
As an example, you could replace two 25 kilowatt ‘splash’ type aerator with a single 2.9 Quantum, get a 12% increase in oxygen transfer, cut your power costs by up to 92% and have an ROI of less than 4 months

Check out the Quantum vvt page under “products” in the menu or call 0417 59 11 87 with any questions you might have.

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