Marc Middleton

CEO, BioEnergizer Australia Pty Ltd.

After 15 years in franchise and direct marketing, including working with majors such as American Express, NAB, Diners Club, BP, Mobil Oil and 7/11, in 1989 Marc established his own marketing and advertising agency, and embarked on building an enviable client list including BMW, Telstra, the Victorian Government, Ingersoll Rand, the Smorgon Group, KPMG, National Mutual, Nationwide Business Machines and the Bayside Group.

There he provided a range of specialised corporate marketing services including the development of detailed technical business plans and marketing strategies as well as a number of major promotional campaigns ranging from new company launches, product launches, events, new market penetration and complex marketing mix programs.

In 1999, he was asked to write the founding Business Plan for a new environmental technology business. That document formed the basis of what was to become Ozmotech and in 2000, the Board invited Marc to join the company full time. As the company’s first employee, Marc was responsible for the set-up of the company from scratch, but as the company grew, he was able to focus on the key role of marketing the company worldwide, primarily working on breakthrough system known as ThermoFuel, This was a revolutionary process that converts waste plastics to Diesel Fuel, and the company eventually had an order book with over $850 million worth of orders by 2009. Through force rather than choice, Marc also had to become knowledgeable in global fuel pricing and excise regimes, biofuels and alternative fuel development, the plastics waste management industry and fuel compliance requirements throughout the EU and US. Marc also carried much of the responsibility for developing the working relationship with the federal government, notably the Excise Division of the ATO and the Department of the Environment.

A corporate restructure then saw Marc change focus yet again and establish Ozmotech in the waste water industry, when he was asked to take over the management of the BioEnergizer Division the company.

In September 2009 Ozmotech was put into administration through technical issues with the development of the ThermoFuel plant. Marc purchased the Waste Water Division from the liquidators as a going concern and as a result, established BioEnergizer Australia, which he now owns and manages.