For years the giant mining company Rio Tinto had an issue at their Weipa township site. The town sewage system is managed through a series of  wet wells and pumps stations, but these points often presented issues from the accumulation of fats, oils and greases (FOG’s) at numerous points around the town.

This regularly necessitated emergency call-outs to manually clean out pump lines, floats, well walls and other equipment to keep the system running to its correct standards. Layer of grease up to 100mm thick were observed accumulating on wet well walls, pump pits, and especially on automated pump floats, with the obvious effect on operations.

The system also produced offensive odours from the points where the accumulation of fats and greases was most prevalent.

In late 2008, Rio accepted a proposal to introduce BioEnergizer into the system. Within 2 weeks all points were observed to be cleaner and operating more effectively and odours had been eliminated. This benefit continues to this day.

Rio staff dose 12 wet wells and pumps stations around the town on a weekly basis, with doses varying from 200ml to 600ml, depending on the status of the station, volume and type of inflow, and local weather conditions.

Since beginning the BioEnergizer treatment, a number of clear benefits have been observed.

 There is now minimal accumulation of FOG deposits on all station and plant equipment

    – There is a significant reduction in offensive odours
    – The rate of emergency call-outs to pump stations is down by an average of 90%

The pump lines and downstream pipes are cleaner, and the benefits of BioEnergizer usage are being extended into their new $12 million treatment plant.