BioEnergizer Technology

Microbial nutrition is the basis for most wastewater treatment. Even a well-run wastewater system may be subject to limiting factors that inhibit the microbes from performing their normal functions. A system without a balanced growth environment develops problems such as sludge accumulation, poor settleability, rising BOD/COD levels, grease build-up, sludge bulking, offensive odours, and low dissolved oxygen levels. Restoring the proper nutrient balance and energizing the biology in the system improves the efficiency and performance of the treatment process without costly plant upgrades.

BioEnergizer is scientifically formulated to increase microbial metabolism, growth, and activity. Unlike products that address only a set of microbes or a specific link in the microbial food chain, BioEnergizer contains broad spectrum biostimulants and nutrients. The products are natural compounds of mineral and plant extracts, organic acids, enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients that provide an enriched growth environment for existing micro-organisms.

The Benefits of BioEnergizer in Wastewater Treatment Plants:

Cut Sludge Management Costs

    –  Lower operating costs by significantly reducing sludge.
    –  Reduce Downtime – Lagoons remain on line – no need to drain or dredge.
    –  Cut Aeration Costs by increasing dissolved oxygen.
    –  Increase Lagoon Capacity by accelerating bio-oxidation of sludge.
    –  Control Odours
    –  Lower BOD & COD levels to meet EPA limits.

Increase Treatment Plant Efficiency

    –  Enhance wastewater biology
    –  Reduce Foaming
    –  Increase settleability
    –  Decrease polymer usage and expense
    –  Improve digestion of sludge and grease
    –  Cut sludge transport costs
    –  Control odours

Reduce Issue with Regulatory Compliance

    –  Lower BOD/COD levels
    –  Meet NPDES limits
    –  Improve SVI’S
    –  Increase dissolved Oxygen levels
    –  Reduce fines and surcharges