In March 2011, newly appointed BioEnergizer Commercial Distributor Attero Projects secured a major contract to remediate 6 ponds in Victoria’s Western Districts. Locations included Cobden, Camperdown, Terang, Coleraine and Casterton.

The detailed Pond Evaluation Forms were completed by Attero and submitted to BioEnergizer for review and approval. Attero and BioEnergizer then jointly wrote the specs for each site, Initial Doses (BioEnergizer amd BioRemedy) were applied in April and each location went straight into a structured BioEnergizer remediation program. During the program, each pond was chain dragged to ensure good agitation. The projects ended progressively in July, and the results are now in, having been verified by Pre and Post remediation sludge depth surveys.

The results are very pleasing. With the exception of Terang (which suffered significant flooding 1/2 way through the project), the other 5 ponds returned an average 65.6% reduction in sludge volume, and even allowing for Terang (22.3%), the average sludge reduction across all 6 ponds was 58.4%, representing a total of 27,203 cubic meters removed in less than 4 months.

Detailed results are below, but Attero’s follow up letter says it all. It said

” We are extremely pleased with the results and the role BioEnergizer Australia has played in the success of the project.”

Site Opening Volume Closing Volume % reduction (weeks)
Cobden 6,650 2,735 58.9% 14
Camperdown 16,362 6,008 63.3% 15
Terang 7,726 6,003 22.3% 12
Coleraine 7,333 2,792 61.9% 13
Casterton (Lagoon 1) 2,737 703 74.3% 13
Casterton (Lagoon 2) 5,744 1,108 80.7% 13
Average 46,552 19,349 58.4%