Swickers (a division of SunPork Fresh Foods) is a very large, export accredited pig abattoir based less than 800 meters from the edge of the town of Kingaroy in Queensland’s hinterland.

In 2009 Swickers started using BioEnergizer to control the odours emanating from the ponds located about 100 meters east of the plant.

The project has been so successful Swickers have become a constant user of the product and remain delighted with the results we have been able to deliver to them.

An added benefit is the significant sludge reduction in the primary pond with Environmental Manager Bradley Siddons reporting that sludge levels had reduced from 800mm down to 100mm in just a matter of months, even though sludge reduction was not the original objective.

Swickers use just 500 ml per day, a low cost for the results obtained.