A large and well established abattoir in Northern Victoria had developed some issues with its pond system.

A comparatively simple 2 pond flow through system, it was discovered that sludge was accumulating in the primary pond, and that the quality of outflow water from the Secondary pond was poor. This was in addition to some developing odour issues from the same pond and the EPA was developing an unhealthy interest in the site.

There was, therefore, an imperative to resolve that issue.

In January 2012, a dual project of applying BioEnergizer to the sump, located between the abattoir floor and primary pond, and at the same time installing an aerator to the secondary pond.

The results have been truly amazing. The first observable improvement was the disappearance of all odour from the second pond within 7 days.

And the figures below reveals the drop in all the key indicators after just 11 weeks. Note especially the TSS, BOD and COD reductions.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – mg/L 640 660 20
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) – mg/L 460 180 -280
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5)-mg/L 220 210 -10
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) – mg/L 870 350 -520
Ammonia as N – mg/L 180 130 -50
Nitrogen, total as N – mg/L 260 160 -100
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen as N – mg/L 260 150 -110
Phosphorus (total) – mg/L 56 42 -14
pH – pH Unit 7.9 7.7 -0.2
Electrical Conductivity (EC) – uS/cm 2200 1800 -400

The results are an excellent indication of the variety of applications to which BioEnergizer is suitable.